Cudy Revolutionises Learning for Students

February 26, 2018
Singapore-based tech startup disrupts the billion-dollar tuition industry

SINGAPORE: Cudy today released its platform,, an entirely new online marketplace for online virtual classes and hosted courses aiming to empower independent teachers and mentors to teach students with ease. At the same time, it enables students to have greater and more affordable access to suitable tutors and tuition classes.

Cudy primarily focuses on serving students aged 14 years and above, with the current target audience being students in Junior College as they are more capable in making their own educational decisions and take greater ownership when it comes to their grades and learning. Students will be able to enjoy a plethora of features such as live-streaming tuition that allows them to see their tutor and classmates in real-time without stepping out of their house, an online dashboard to give them a monthly overview of their classes and work, an online cloud drive to store class-related learning materials and an app in the pipeline that aims to further seamlessly integrate online and offline content.

Tutors from different specialisations can list their lessons on Cudy and decide on both the size and price of their classes. Cudy’s set of tools and features aim to give them more control and lesser issues stemming from common administrative matter such as payment, marketing and invoicing. “Teach your best and we’ll do the rest,” said Alexander Lim, Cudy’s CEO and co-founder. “It’s time for education to catch up with technology so we completely re-engineered the online classroom and came up with Cudy, an all-in-one solution for students, teachers and parents alike.”

On the other hand, parents will also be able to be more involved in their child’s education as Cudy will be introducing useful tools for parents to monitor their child’s progress before, during and after classes.

Cudy aims to shake up the Ed-Tech sector with this new offering in hopes of providing students direct and instant access to quality education by leveraging on information and communications technology.